"When I first decided to seek counselling. I was skeptical, thinking my whole life, that I'm not in need of something like counselling. From our very first interaction, the 15 minute consultation, Brenda met me with nothing but compassion, consideration, listening and understanding, and has continued consistently ever since. I can’t express my gratitude for her."
Kimberly Livingston
“Brenda was very patient with me, knowing it was important to me to take things at a slower pace, during that time she always provided support, warmth, understanding, empathy, and a safe space to let me explore my emotions. As time progressed Brenda has not only helped me learn about myself, my needs, my anxiety, and how past trauma still shows up for me, but she has also helped me to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone when needed, and has provided me with hope for the future.”
Lisa S.
“I Enter Mc Carty counselling I never realized how powerful having someone just listen and be there with you in that moment can be. No judgements or fixes just listening. With a gentle nudge she makes me ask myself the tough questions. She has helped me learn so much about myself which in turn has helped me with relationships and simply life. ”
Kelly M.

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