I Can Help You In Different Situations

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Career, Work, Business

  • Get the career satisfaction
  • Develop working energy
  • Start to build your business
  • Work your money mindset
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Mental and Physical

  • Eliminate stress, worry and anxiety
  • Lose extra weight and gain energy
  • Switch to healthy lifestyle
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Increasing Financial Stability

  • Gain high bisiness income and confidence
  • Bring adventure, fun and creativity to your work
  • Discover your true potential
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People and Relationships

  • Find a soulmate
  • Develop emotional intimacy
  • Learn to communicate
  • Learn how to trust
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For Whom I Сan Be Helpful

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Counselling Packages



  • Saskatchewan Psychological Association recommended hourly rate
  • $200hour
    • College of Alberta Psychologists recommended hourly rate
    • $160hour
      • McCarty Counselling Services Alberta hourly rate